Wenger Corporation

Sousaphone Chair


Before 1946, playing the sousaphone was a very awkward exercise. Even students with the desire and talent were often too overwhelmed by the instrument’s size and cumbersome nature to stick with it. Harry Wenger, a band leader and educator always looking for ways to help his students and fellow musicians, designed a chair that supports the instrument’s bulk and lets musicians concentrate on their technique. The Sousaphone Chair hasn’t changed much since Harry Wenger’s original design. And neither has Wenger’s desire to develop the innovations that enhance your musician’s abilities.


  • Assembly required
  • 16-gauge base frame
  • 15-1/2" (394 mm)square, non-contoured, vinyl clad seat with 1/2" (13 mm) plywood substrate
  • Seat height is 16-1/4" (413 mm) at back and 16" (406 mm) in front
  • Three adjustable support arms enable optimum positioning of the sousaphone