Great sound inspires great learning.
Wenger's innovative acoustical products for music education
Since our inception, we've dedicated ourselves to helping young people excel at music, and no product line has been more integral to that success than Wenger acoustical solutions. In fact, our greatest recent innovations have focused on improving acoustics in the spaces where students learn to create music. Whether it's a sound-isolation practice room or grand performance space, Wenger acoustical excellence brings great sound to life and helps students become aspiring musicians.
5 New Acoustical Innovations from Wenger:
SoundLok Sound-Isolation Rooms
Guaranteed sound isolation lets individuals or small groups practice effectively without disturbing others!
The music performance landscape is littered with practice rooms that failed in their primary purpose - sound isolation. Something as simple as a poorly specified door or incorrectly placed SoundLok Sound Isolation Rooms power outlet can reduce sound isolation by 25% or more!

Wenger sets the standard in sound-isolation practice rooms with SoundLok®. These modular rooms offer a clean, attractive look with interlocking closure panels for a seamless installation that's guaranteed effective.

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Tunable Acoustical Panels
Use the same practice room for both instrumental and choral rehearsal – with the turn of a lever
Don't compromise on acoustics ever again. Wenger's new Tunable Panel is an innovative design that adapts its absorption and diffusion capability to create a "flexible" room acoustically. Tunable Acoustical Panels The panel changes as quickly as you can turn a handle. Turn it to the left and the panel becomes an absorber – turn it to the right, and it becomes a diffuser. It takes just seconds, so you can tune your room between periods or after school, or whenever your students rehearse. The exterior shape of the panel always stays the same, providing a clean, professional appearance.

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VAE Rehearsal System Simulate the acoustics of an auditorium or a cathedral – right in your practice room.
Wenger's new VAE technology for your rehearsal room uses highly advanced active acoustics to simulate nine different acoustic environments – at the touch of a button. VAE We can even custom program any of the nine presets to simulate other acoustic environments of your choosing, even one that simulates your school's auditorium.

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Transform Acoustical Banners Transform Acoustical BannersTransform your performance space into a multi-purpose venue!
Wenger's new Motorized Acoustical Banners are a new spin on acoustical control. Now you can adjust the loudness of practice and performance spaces by raising and lowering your acoustical banners. The perfect solution for theaters, auditoriums, gymnasiums and cafetoriums.

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Transcend Active Acoustic System Energize the acoustics of your performance space!
Change your space into a multipurpose venue by integrating an Active Acoustic System! The new Transcend Active Acoustic System from Wenger delivers "Variable Acoustics" and will truly transform your space into a multi-functional venue. Transcend Active Acoustic System You can manage the behavior of your sound to mimic the acoustics of many larger and smaller spaces.

Wenger's system requires fewer number of inputs and outputs to achieve amazing results, which translates to an affordable solution with better value for the investment. This system was also designed to be very reliable and stable with less opportunity for feedback. You won't believe your ears.

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