130 years of heavy lifting have made us surprisingly nimble.

J.R. Clancy offers the most extensive line of automated hoists in the industry, with standard and custom design choices for performance venues of all sizes, each delivering unequaled reliability, safety, and ease. Whether you’re lifting an 84,000 lb. grid above an arena, a front of house lighting batten, or creating three dimensional motion control, you know this is no time for cutting corners. Don’t put your trust in just any company. This is the time for J.R. Clancy

PowerLift® Hoist

PowerLift is an economical, zero-fleet high performance, automated hoisting system available in fixed or variable speeds. Its versatile mounting system enables PowerLift to be installed in virtually any space. It’s ideal for many stage hoisting applications including: Lighting, Scenery, Speaker clusters, Shell ceilings.

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Convert your manual rigging sets to an automated system simply and economically with PowerAssist. You’ll no longer need to load and adjust the counterbalancing weights. The motor handles the out-of-balance load, so you don’t have to. PowerAssist single axis units are extremely compact and can be easily installed under your existing locking rail.

Varion Hoist

This zero-fleet hoist has five lift lines, is adjustable on the back bone and features steel guides so there’s no danger of cables crossing the groove. The hoist can be underhung or sit on top of grid. The VARION Versatility Hoist can be mounted on any existing infrastructure, including a building’s bar joist. Use it for electrics, curtains, drops, or front-of-house stage lighting or speakers. Lightweight – barely 300 pounds – and compact, the hoist’s motor can fit at almost any point on VARION’s robust backbone.

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Titan® Hoist

The Titan is a high-performance hoist for applications requiring large capacity, speed and/or long travel. Titan is a customizable pre-engineered hoist – it is engineered and manufactured to your requirements yet provides the economic benefits of an “off the shelf” system.

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Performer Hoist

The Performer Aerial Performance Hoist is built with safety and portability in mind. Its servo motor drive delivers high dynamic capabilities in a small package. The Performer and our SceneControl® 5600 consoles can be combined to offer state-of-theart performer flying capabilities including programmable 3D motion.

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PowerLine® Hoist

The PowerLine is a line shaft hoist, re-engineered to reduce size, weight, and cost. PowerLine hoists offer a wide range of speeds and capacities, making them versatile performers and excellent choices for retrofits in older buildings.

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Custom Hoists

Custom hoists are available in almost any speed and capacity to meet your specific requirements. Tell us about your requirements and we’ll work with you to develop the hoist you need.

Our family of hoists combined with our SceneControl line of consoles, counterweight and fire curtain rigging, and acoustical solutions offers the most complete range of products for all your rigging and performing arts needs.

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