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Transport the entire classroom to a cathedral and back before the bell rings.

Trying to find time for choral and instrumental groups to practice outside the rehearsal room can be difficult. A performance venue's acoustics can be a real "ear-opener" on the day of an event if the musicians and vocalists haven't heard themselves yet in a larger space. Practicing in the dry environment of a rehearsal room can be limiting – unless you add VAE Rehearsal.

Wenger's Virtual Acoustic Environment (VAE) technology uses highly advanced active acoustics to simulate nine different acoustic environments...all within the same rehearsal room. The conductor can adjust acoustics, change volume and record and play back sessions – right from the control panel. Custom acoustic settings can be added, including the ability to simulate the acoustics of the group's own auditorium. The benefits to the musician are amazing.

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Wenger Products Make Solving Acoustical Design Challenges Easy.

Music practice and performance space can be some of the most challenging spaces to design and spec. Understanding how your space will react to the sound that will fill it is an assignment that cannot be taken lightly. Wenger has worked with architects and acousticians for decades to help them plan for acoustics that are not only brilliant, but energize the performers and audience.

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