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OnBoard® Timpani Cart

Transport your timpani down the hall or onto the field

Transport your timpani down the hall or onto the field

This unique design lets you easily move individual timpani or complete sets onto the field, into the concert hall and back into storage. The innovative design allows this cart to quickly convert to the proper performance position with one simple turn. The system fits all five sizes of pedal-style timpani. And stabilizer bars allow the cart to be used on uneven surfaces.


Easily transport pedal-style timpani anywhere for marching band or concert use.


  • Fits all five sizes of pedal-style timpani — 20", 23", 26", 29", and 32" (508, 584, 660, 737 and 813 mm) diameters
  • Stabilizer bars allow cart to remain steady on uneven surfaces
  • Black powder-coat paint finish makes cart virtually invisible on a field
  • Carts can separate and be used individually
  • Fold-down player platform quickly locks into performance position
  • Tie-down rings allow timpani to be secured in place (Tie-down straps not included)
  • Can be easily pulled onto the field with drums in place
  • Metal tow bar included
  • Holds up to 4 drums of the sizes listed
  • Each cart includes two 10” diameter (254 mm) pneumatic tires
  • Load capacity: 200 lb (90 kg) evenly distributed per cart
  • Dimensions:
            Towing Position - 34-1/2" wide x 149" long x 12" high (876 x 3785 x 305 mm)
            Performance Position - 90" wide x 90" long x 12" high (2286 x 2286 x 305 mm)
  • Weight: 180 lb (82 kg)

Ordering Information

210B016    OnBoard Timpani Cart, 180 lb (82 kg)