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StageTek® Seated Risers

Seated risers that are strong, versatile and easy-to-set-up

Seated risers that are strong, versatile and easy-to-set-up

StageTek® is a true advancement in technology for seated risers. Extensive research, engineering and technical advancements in materials and manufacturing have resulted in a seated riser system that is lighter, stronger, easier to handle and faster to set up. StageTek sets up with just a small crew and no tools. Plus, StageTek Seated Risers don't reduce the cubic volume of your space like poured concrete risers which hurts your acoustics.

StageTek is flexible. The interchangeable legs strong, simple and inexpensive. Just change and reconfigure the various sized decks and legs. The ability to rearrange the decks in virtually unlimited configurations stretches your staging budget. Performance stages, show choir risers, graduation stages and theatre platforms are just some of the hundreds of uses you could find for StageTek decks in your facility.

The Wenger Advantage

  • Maximum Flexibility – Simple, economical, plug-in legs make hundreds of configurations possible to meet all your needs.
  • Strength & Stability – Among the highest load ratings of comparable systems based on the three most important load ratings.
  • Fast, Easy, Intuitive – Anyone can set up StageTek in minutes. No tools needed.
  • Safer – Higher load ratings in a deck that's 20% lighter. Only StageTek gives you rounded edges for a comfortable powergrip (75% stronger than a pinch grip). This helps save backs, fingers and toes.
  • Less Storage – Save as much as 50% in storage space with our easy moving storage and transport cart. Legs can store in the decks keeping parts nearby for the next setup.
  • Durable and Repairable – The lack of any folding connections in StageTek's design eliminates the source of loose parts, noisy rattles and failures. StageTek's simple, solid design has a best-in-class warranty and parts designed for easy replacement.

Performance Requirements

  • Full array of pies and tri-corner decks help you configure a set that meets virtually any seated riser application
  • Choice of 2-tier, 3-tier, 4-tier or larger sets
  • Seated Risers Sets
       - Band/Orchestra seated riser decks are 4' (1219 mm) deep
       - Choral seated riser decks are 3' (914 mm) deep
       - Sets are available in 2-tier, 3-tier, and 4-tier configurations
       - Optional rear extension units are available to add extra depth for percussion or a 4th level; units are 3' (914 mm) or 4' (1219 mm) deep
  • Load rating meets or exceeds building code requirements:
    •       Uniform Load: 125 lbf/ft2 (6 kN/m2) to 200 lbf/ft2 (9.6 kN/m2) based on deck STU and features
    •       Dynamic Live Load: Side load of 15% of total Uniform Live Load which equals 600 lbf ( 2.7 kN) side load on a platform under a total Uniform Live Load of 4,000 lbf (17.8 kN)
    •       Point Load: 1,500lbf (6.7 kN) applied via 1" (25 mm) diameter pin
  • Easy-to-handle sections have lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum frames
  • Standard Rectangular Decks have four cast aluminum leg sockets. Legs are quickly secured with the rotation of the knob
  • The Frame is designed for safer, easier handling and features rounded contours ergonomically sized for a secure power grip (closed grip)
  • Six attractive finish options: Standard Black, Heavy-Duty Black, Black Versalite-Match, Wenger Maple, Grey Carpet, or Carpet-Ready


The flexible building blocks you need to create and recreate multi-level seated riser structures for choirs, bands, orchestras, and audience seating.


Universal Deck & Rail Cart


Additional Information


  • Platform Decks are 3/4" (19 mm) thick and constructed of Group I veneer plywood with a protective laminate on both sides
  • The Frame and Edging are fabricated from 4" (102 mm) thick aluminum extrusion
  • Standard deck sizes: 3′ x 3′ (914 x 914 mm); 3′ x 6′ (914 x 1829 mm); 3′ x 8′ (914 x 2438 mm); 4′ x 4′ (1219 x 1219 mm); 4′ x 6′ (1219 x 1829 mm); 4′ x 8′ (1219 x 2438 mm). Non-standard sizes are available.
  • Standard Legs are round and fabricated from 2-1/2" (64 mm) diameter aluminum extrusions and are finished with non-marring cap
  • Fixed height legs are available in lengths that result in the following deck heights: 8″ (203 mm), 16″ (406 mm), 24″ (610 mm), 32″ (813 mm) and 40″ (1016 mm). Custom sizes available.
  • Adjustable Telescopic Legs are available in lengths that result in the following deck heights: 16″-28″ (406-711 mm), 24″-40″ (610-1016 mm) and 30″-54″ (762-1372 mm)
  • Five-year warranty

Ordering Information

Seated risers come in a wide variety of configurations and sizes. Please call your Wenger representative so that we can first thoroughly understand your needs in order to provide the best solution and an estimate to help you budget your investment.