Wenger Corporation

STRATA® Event Staging & Tent Floor

A durable, non-slip, weather-resistant event staging surface

A durable, non-slip, weather-resistant event staging surface

STRATA® Event Staging is the perfect solution for creating a flat surface over seating or other uneven surfaces. It's offered with a durable, non-slip, weather-resistant surface and a unique system that sets up quickly. Leveled or laydown, it can be used anywhere from a theatre to a flat parking lot to a hillside — even over a pool. Easily installed by a small crew in a fraction of the time of stick-built floors or other "flooring" systems — saving you a small fortune in labor.


The ideal choice whether you're staging for an outdoor event or extending an indoor stage.


  • Pre-attached substructure components make setup fast and intuitive
  • Flexible design gives you the versatility to make adjustments to fit your needs
  • Use of beams rather than bridging supports frees up open space below
  • Decks fit together to create an integrated surface that is seamless and extremely quiet
  • Can be installed as a leveled floor, a laydown floor or a staging system
  • Individual decks can be easily removed to run electrical wiring
  • Uses pins to eliminate nuts and bolts typical of other systems
  • Self-storing diagonal bracing provides lateral stability for applications up to 4' high (1219 mm) — additional bracing is required above 4'
  • Constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum and powder-coated steel for exceptional outdoor durability
  • Variety of deck surface options.
  • Simple deck-to-stage connections
  • Optional levelling feet on all columns