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Wenger Corporation pioneered modular sound isolation technology over 25 years ago and we have been responsible for every significant innovation since. Our rooms lead the industry in the two most important areas, sound isolation and relocatability. In as little as two hours, a self-sealing Wenger room can be installed in your studio — no fasteners, caulking or permanent attachments to your building structure. And just like any other piece of studio equipment, you can relocate your room to a different space as your needs change.

The Wenger Advantage

  • SoundLok Construction – Get the same benefits of guaranteed sound isolation as Wenger’s SoundLok® Sound-Isolation Room.
  • Maximum Absorption – All recording and broadcast rooms include maximum perforated panels to give you the most absorption available.
  • Window Options – Horizontal windows are available with a large box communication panel for running microphone cables and other wiring from room to room.

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