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SoundLok® Sound-Isolation Rooms

Modular sound-isolation music practice rooms in a variety of sizes and configurations

Modular sound-isolation music practice rooms in a variety of sizes and configurations

How can a student be expected to practice the flute when the sound of the trumpet next door is blasting through the walls and leaking through the vents? Or how can a French horn player improve tone when the internal acoustics in the practice room are muddy or excessively bright?

Wenger pioneered sound isolation in practice rooms, and we continue to use the most advanced technologies to set new standards.

Our modular rooms offer a clean, attractive look with closure panels for a seamless installation.

The Wenger Advantage

  • Superior Sound Isolation – Wenger guarantees the sound isolation with the highest rating in the industry, making each room 25% quieter than any other room on the market.
  • Room is Properly Tuned – The correct amount of absorption and diffusion is built-in so the musician can clearly hear the best possible sound.
  • Competitively Priced – An independent cost study shows that the Wenger SoundLok room costs 10% less on average when compared to a properly-constructed stick-built practice room.
  • Relocatable and Modular – Each room can be relocated or resized as future program needs grow, saving thousands of dollars in permanent building costs.
  • Virtual Acoustics Option – Allows the musician to learn how to adapt to performing in different performance spaces and get immediate feedback with record/playback during the practice session.


Sound isolation for individual or group music practice, and for teaching studios.


  • Sizes range from 5’8” x 4’5” to 19’5” x 25’8” (1727 x 1346 mm to 5918 x 7823 mm)
  • Internal ceiling height ranges from 7’6” to 10’ (2286 to 3048 mm) in 6” (152 mm) increments
  • Door Options: 3' (914 mm) standard; 4' (1219 mm) door for large instruments; double door for grand piano
  • Vertical window panels available
  • Horizontal broadcast application window available
  • Horizontal and vertical closure panels available
  • Closure panels create a complete, built-in look for side-by-side installations
  • Choice of fan unit or direct HVAC connection to building system
  • Extra-capacity raceway for communications and network cabling
  • Floating floor for even greater sound isolation
  • Available in three exterior colors


  • Clean, professional 4" (102 mm) thick steel wall and ceiling panels are filled with high-grade acoustical insulation
  • Rails, channels, and corner pieces interlock panels at the floor and ceiling with double-seated-gasketed seams
  • 3' (914 mm) wide door with glass-panel allows easy monitoring, personal security, and inviting ambiance
  • Advanced fan ventilation system supplies complete fresh air exchange every 1-1/2 to 2-1/2 minutes. For direct-connect HVAC systems, contact your Wenger representative
  • Special electronic ballasts lower power consumption of lighting and eliminate fluorescent hum
  • ETL-Classified electrical system


Our four Wenger practice rooms are wonderful! The active acoustics technology creates a comfortable environment for playing and the soundproofing is excellent.

Ordering Information

Many sizes and options available.
Please call your Wenger representative for consultation.