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VAE® Technology

Virtual acoustical simulations for your sound-isolation practice rooms

Virtual acoustical simulations for your sound-isolation practice rooms

VAE® technology in a Wenger SoundLok® Sound-Isolation Practice Room puts your music program at the forefront with the latest state-of-the-art music practice technology. VAE technology now offers more realistic acoustical simulations, creating the sensation of being enveloped by the sound and enabling musicians to hear themselves in various performance venues.

The Wenger Advantage

  • Designed and built using digital signal processing in collaboration with Harman Professional.
  • Nine Performance Environments – Practice in a broad range of performance environments, ranging from a small recital hall to a cathedral.
  • Accelerate Learning – Learn how to adapt to performing in larger spaces more quickly and have a place to practice before your performance!
  • Immediate Record and Playback – Get immediate feedback during your practice session, or record your session and take it to your next lesson to review with your director.
  • Upload and Download – Practice with the band or choir in the practice room by uploading accompaniments.

nine environments

Our incredible Virtual Acoustical Environment (VAE) technology can duplicate the acoustics of a broad range of performance venues — from a large recital hall to a cathedral to a small auditorium.

  • That means your performance preparation is going to move to an unprecedented level.
  • Changing from one preset acoustic environment to another is as quick and easy as pressing a button.

Record and Playback Equipped

VAE technology now features built-in digital recording and playback, which dramatically enhances the educational value of the VAE system. VAE will:

  • Allow educators to easily follow the assessment strategy recommended in the National Standards for Music Education.
  • Increase your ability to carefully evaluate the progress of more students in less time.
  • Provide the ability to upload music files or download practice sessions to a computer or other recording device.
  • Enable musicians to practice with uploaded accompaniments and other pre-recorded pieces.


Improve practice in a virtual acoustical environment.

VAE<sup>®</sup> Technology
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  • Designed and built using high-quality electronic components
  • Aesthetically pleasing composite material
  • Works in conjunction with Wenger’s SoundLok Sound-Isolation Rooms
  • Installed by expert Wenger technicians
  • Record and playback capabilities
  • ETL-Classified electrical system


The active acoustics are a big improvement from our old practice rooms. They help me to emanate a bigger sound. The record-playback setting is also very useful. My teacher always recommends that we should record ourselves so we can hear what needs to be fixed.

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