Wenger Corporation

Universal Tablet Stand


Use almost any tablet as your music stand, even with its case.
Take the traditional music stand into the digital age with Wenger’s Universal Tablet Stand. No matter what tablet you use, with a case or without. Wenger has an option for you. Wenger’s sturdy, stable base and support keep your investment safe. Adjust height, angle and orientation to put your digital music right where you can see it. Built on the same trusted base as our Bravo® Music Stand.


  • Use almost any tablet as your music stand, with or without a case from 5" to 13.3" (127 to 338 mm)
            - One dimension of tablet must be less than 8-1/4” (210 mm)
            - Up to 1-1/4” (32 mm) thick
  • Secure holding
             - Spring-loaded finger clamps with rubber coating
            - Adjustable arms with side screw adjustment
  • 360° rotation with locking positions in portrait and landscape orientations
  • Self-tightening hinge for easy angle adjustment

Ordering Information

040A149 Universal Tablet Stand