Wenger Corporation

Adjustable Shelf Storage

Programs change, now your storage can too.

Adjustable Shelf Storage

When your storage needs change, just change your cabinet shelving.

Wenger's adjustable shelf design for UltraStor® and AcoustiCabinets® gives you options. When your programs change, you can adjust your cabinets to adapt to your new storage needs. Cabinets are easy to reconfigure with no tools and it takes just minutes.

  • Simple and effective design allows for quick configuration of shelf locations
  • Patent-pending shelf pins flip up into stored position when not in use, and flip down when needed
  • Available shelf packs allow for expansion as your program changes or grows
  • Patented polyethylene shelves are rated to 100 lbs./shelf to provide years of use with any type of instrument
  • Industry-tested shelf that eliminates wear and tear and provides long-term resilience
  • Ten-year warranty

Adjustable Shelf Configurations



Wenger, the leader in storage systems for music education, introduces its Adjustable Shelf option. As your programs change and storage needs change, you can adjust your shelving to meet your needs. Shelves snap in and out easily to the position you want. Available in both UltraStor and AcoustiCabinets. Call 1-800-4-WENGER for more information.