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lessonWORKS® WhiteBoard

A mobile, versatile, magnetic whiteboard for classroom use

A mobile, versatile, magnetic whiteboard for classroom use

This multifaceted, magnetic white board system lets you change lessons quickly and prepare and present bigger, bolder, more engaging lessons. You can have an entire day’s lessons planned, prepared, and ready to go. Any teacher will tell you that less down-time and transition time means fewer distractions and better attention from your students.


Whiteboard system for creating big, bold, engaging lessons

Performance Requirements

  • Available with either permanent staves or no staves
  • White board dimensions: 54" x 38" (1372 x 965 mm)
  • The white board flips over base on offset, gas assisted hinge. This allows use at two different heights to accommodate different age groups
  • The board is safe for use with dry-erase markers and is magnetized to hold notation pieces
  • Optional lesson cards hang from a removable hook that hangs at the top of the board
  • Unit is equipped with a convenient storage packet for lesson cards, posters and other teacher's aids
  • Base is grey rotationally molded polyethylene
  • Four 3" (76 mm) casters (two swivel, two stationary) for mobility
  • Five-year warranty


lessonWORKS<sup>®</sup> Frame Colors


  • Smooth-rolling design is easy to use
  • Optional accessories available: Lesson Cards, 126-piece notation set, and magnetized palette

Ordering Information

172D001    lessonWORKS with lines 259 lbs (117.5 kg)
172D002    lessonWORKS without lines 259 lbs (117.5 kg)
172D063    Lesson Cards 4-pack 6 lbs (2.7 kg)
172A087    Magnetic Notation Set 7 lbs (3.2 kg)
172A096    Magnetized Notation Palette 2 lbs (.9 kg)