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Wenger JR Clancy

Our goal is to make your shopping experience as informative as possible.

Our new catalog is 48 pages of color photos, information and specifications on our extensive music education product line. And it's brand new for 2016! Plus, every page includes links to online specs, assembly instructions, brochures, and videos from our vast video library.
Please go online by clicking here or call the number below to request a print copy.

✓ 48 pages
✓ Full-color pictures
✓ Dozens of innovative products
✓ Hyperlinks to online data
✓ Customer testimonials

✓ Dimensions and specifications
✓ Easy navigation
✓ Easy to follow format
✓ Video links
✓ and more

Featured products include
Rigging Solutions Rigging Control Systems Acoustical Shells

Rigging Solutions

From manual counterweight systems to fully automated systems, we have the right rigging for every need.

Rigging Control Systems

Many options for precise, automated control backstage or in the booth.

Acoustical Shells

Wenger acoustical shells are known for their dramatic appearance and their dynamic improvement of your acoustics.

Transcend Active Acoustics Transform Acoustical Banners Staging Systems

Transcend Active Acoustics

State-of-the-art sound processing to improve and manipulate the acoustics of your performance space.

Transform Acoustical Banners

Adjustable banners to quickly control the levels of sound absorption and reflection in your performance space.

Staging Systems

StageTek staging is versatile enough to create, stages, risers, seating platforms and much more.

Fire Safety Curtains Makeup Stations Audience Seating

Fire Safety Curtains

The essential safety curtains that meet all modern building codes.

Makeup Stations

With the right lighting and ergonomic space, actors will get ready faster and more professionally.

Audience Seating

From portable to permanent, we've got the seating style that fits your space.

Media Storage Orchestra Pit Filler Stage Boxes and Forms

Media Storage

Smart and secure storage cabinets for your electronics help you organize your valuable and fragile equipment.

Orchestra Pit Filler

A custom fit, amazing support and a structure that opens up more space beneath.

Stage Boxes and Forms

Stackable, changeable, and incredibly durable — these boxes and forms will have infinite uses in your theatre.

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