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COMPANY: As a 500-employee, international market leader, Wenger Corp provides generous benefits, wellness programs, opportunities for development/advancement and corporate growth, all in a family-owned culture where your voice is heard, your name is known, and your impact is felt!

TEAM: At Wenger we cultivate a positive passionate culture that is felt by every employee. We encourage a spirit of open and honest communication that breeds trust and respect. A supportive environment built on collaboration, allows all of us to look forward, instead of over our shoulder. We approach our challenges in the same way we celebrate our success: Together!

INDUSTRY: Whether you come from a performing arts background or are simply looking for an opportunity to bring your expertise to an exciting industry, Wenger Corporation provides something rarely found at other manufactures: A chance to put your passion to work! A company that lets you do what you do best and gives you the freedom to get even better. That's Wenger Corporation!

EMPLOYEE: Wenger has built a legacy on unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, which stems from a commitment to the growth and fulfillment of our own employees. Wenger offers substantial opportunities for personal and professional growth. With more than 500-employes and an unheard-of average tenure of 12+ years, our employee send a clear message: "We are happy here!"

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Today, more than 25,000 people call Owatonna home. It is a community that boasts high average income levels and high education levels. With a commitment to growth and access to services, Owatonna is equally committed to a quality of life – to care enough to leave a legacy for generations to come.

So please, take a closer look at Owatonna, stay a while – make it home.


Owatonna is rich in history. The region where Owatonna is located was historically used by Native Americans as a hunting area. The only known periodic encampment was at Rice Lake for hunting and harvesting wild rice. Upon its founding by settlers in 1854, the area was named Owatonna after the Dakota name for the Straight River, “Wakpá Owóthaŋna.”

Today, Owatonna’s history is preserved at area attractions like the Orphanage Museum, the National Farmers’ Bank, and Village of Yesteryear. The historic downtown offers a snapshot of what Owatonna was like at the turn of the century.

Why the Name Owatonna?

Legend has it… Chief Wabena heard of the curing waters called minnewaucan. His daughter, Princess Owatonna, was very frail so he moved his tribe to the site of the natural springs on the banks of Maple Creek. Princess Owatonna drank from the springs daily and recovered her health. Her kindly spirit hovers near the bubbling waters and beckons weary travelers to pause in the beautiful valley and drink of the magic waters.

True Origins… For hundreds of years before the arrival of the first white settlers, Native Americans camped on the banks of a river they called “Ouitunya,” which means “straight” and is today the name of the major river in Steele County.

Owatonna welcomes you to visit the springs and the statue of Princess Owatonna at Mineral Springs Park.

Read more at owatonna.org


J.R. Clancy

Greater Syracuse is a nexus for the movement of goods and people along the north-south and east-west axes of many transportation routes in the Northeast. Located in the center of New York on the southern shore of Lake Ontario, the Syracuse Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) is a 3,083-square-mile land area composed of four counties Cayuga, Madison, Onondaga and Oswego.

The City of Syracuse, located in Onondaga County, is the region' s major metropolitan center. It has been appropriately called the Crossroads of New York State, due to its central location and the fact the State's two major interstate routes the east-west New York State Thruway (Interstate 90) and north-south Interstate 81 intersect here. In addition to Syracuse, the principal population centers of the MSA are cities of Oswego and Fulton in Oswego County, Oneida in Madison County and Auburn in Cayuga County.


The Greater Syracuse area is a region of rolling hills, flat plains, lakes and streams. The City of Syracuse is located on a rise at the southern end of Onondaga Lake. The gently rolling terrain stretches north of the city for 30 miles, where it meets Lake Ontario. The Finger Lakes begin 20 miles to the southwest and Oneida Lake is eight miles northeast.


A strategic central location and a well-developed transportation network have made Syracuse a major distribution center. The 1999 Rand McNally Places Rated Almanac declared Syracuse 41st of the 354 metropolitan areas examined in regard to transportation facilities. The ranking was based on daily commuting time, public transportation availability, interstate highway convenience, and air service and passenger service. This reflects Syracuse's success in regulating traffic flows, maintaining high-quality infrastructure standards and encouraging facility expansion.

Approximately 136 million people live within a 750-mile radius of Syracuse. This radius includes the populations of Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, Pittsburgh, Toronto and Montreal. Within a 750-mile radius of the Greater Syracuse area, companies have access to over 50% of all United States business establishments, United States and Canadian manufacturing facilities and United States wholesale sales.

More than 150 motor carriers and small package carriers service the Syracuse area. Air and rail terminals are just 15 minutes from downtown. Seven major airlines, along with affiliated commuter service, offer approximately 250 daily arrivals and departures. Over two million travelers pass through Hancock International Airport each year. The region is also serviced by six major air cargo carriers. CSX operates an intermodal center in Dewitt/Manlius for transfer of trailers and containers between railcars and trucks with storage available for 345 trailers or containers. Amtrak services rail passenger needs.

The deep water port of Oswego and the New York State Barge Canal System provide access to the Great Lakes and overseas.

Read more at syrgov.net

Employee Testimonials

Why have you stayed with Wenger?

I enjoy watching the entire process happen – seeing the manufacturing process go from raw materials to a finished product is amazing. It is easy to be passionate about making great products!
Senior Buyer, 3-years of service

The opportunities to advance and the people here are amazing, helpful and welcoming.
Metal Machine Operator, 10-years of service

How we give back to educators. It’s a collaborative environment, not a competitive one.
District Sales Manager, 30-years of service

I’ve never worked with a smarter, more dedicated group of people across the company. I like the size and culture because I can be involved in a lot of different things, using all my skills and experiences. It is fun to be part of a company that is growing like we are.
General Manager, 10-years of service

The people are very welcoming. I had no experience on theater-related products and have learned a ton and will continue to learn a lot more. The whole group is pleasant. I enjoy my job doing my job every day.
Mechanical Engineer, 7-years of service

What is your favorite part of your job?

I get to work in an area I am passionate about.
Product Manager, 7 years of service

Helping keep music education alive.
District Sales Manager, 30-years of service

Why did you choose Wenger?

From the first day I met with the interview team, I felt like this is where I belong.
Product Manager, 5-years of service

Would you tell a friend to apply here?

Yes! It is personally and professionally rewarding with great opportunities.
District Sales Manager, 30-years of service

Yes! Everyday I come to work, I am happy. I enjoy what I do. I enjoy the challenges. Wenger is good to me.
Sales Representative, 10-years of service

How would you describe the culture?

Customer-focused, can-do attitudes. We solve ‘off the wall’ problems every day. Wenger is the most customer-focused organization I’ve ever been a part of.
General Manager, 8-years of service