Wenger Corporation

Conductor's System

Durable podium, chair and stand just for conductors

Durable podium, chair and stand just for conductors

Designed to fit perfectly in either the rehearsal room or on stage in the auditorium, Wenger's Conductor's System is the perfect setup from which to direct. Built with heavy-duty construction and unwavering stability. The system includes the Flex® stand (with optional storage baskets), double podium, and chair. You can maximize your purchase by using each item on its own as well.


The perfect way to conduct rehearsal and performance.


  • Upper podium locks securely onto base podium and includes detachable safety rail
  • Multi-adjustable chair design lets you adjust seat height, seat tilt, back height and depth, back angle, and foot rest height
  • Five-leg design increases stability
  • Podium and stand have wheels allowing you to transport from rehearsal room to auditorium
  • Stand available with choice of solid laminate or clear polycarbonate desk
  • Stand has adjustable height and swivel desk
  • Includes optional baskets for storing additional scores
  • Chair seat comes in standard poly or padded and upholstered versions
  • Podium comes in Grey carpet only

Ordering Information

236C001       Conductor’s System (stand, podium, chair), 171 lb (78 kg)