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Professional Platform Systems Designed for Event Rental

StageTek® and STRATA® make more projects possible and profitable

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For companies who specialize in stages, floors and tents in the rental business, saying that every job involves a new challenge is an understatement. If the world were as flat as a pool table and every job had a generous schedule and budget, this would be a simple business — but of course it’s not.

Wenger has worked closely with experts in the event and rental business for years, learning what makes events safe, successful, and profitable. Wenger’s staging and flooring products set up and tear down in a fraction of the time that stick-built solutions do. The savings in time, skilled labor and materials allows many rental companies the opportunity to take on jobs that would have been impossible without Wenger products. Uneven terrain and outdoor conditions are never a problem. And since Wenger staging and flooring meets the most stringent code requirements, the chances of ruining an event because of a failed inspection are almost nonexistent.

The professional appearance, ease of setup, versatility, durability and safety of the Wenger StageTek and STRATA products have solidified Wenger’s reputation as the premier supplier of platforms to the tent and event industry.

Wenger is a proud ARA Member

Wenger is a proud ARA Member

STRATA Event Staging and Tent Flooring

STRATA® Event Staging and Tent Flooring

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StageTek Staging

StageTek® Staging

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StageTek Outdoor

StageTek® Outdoor Staging - NEW

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What Rental Market Professionals Say

"The biggest benefits of STRATA are the speed of installation and dismantling. It’s also the ease of installation — we don’t need a skilled tradesman, like we do with a stick-built floor."

— Ed Knight, president,
EventQuip, Pipersville, Pennsylvania

"STRATA has proven to be far superior to anything else I’ve got right now. It’s much better on labor and better engineered. Clients are truly impressed when they see the STRATA system put together — it looks incredibly technical and intimidating. However, setting up STRATA is a piece of cake. It’s a very user-friendly system to master."

— Dan Hooks, president,
Party Reflections, Charlotte, North Carolina

The Wenger Advantage

Indoors or outdoors, StageTek and STRATA set up and strike fast – saving you labor costs.

STRATA is the flooring of choice for the event market because of it’s many advantages over stick-built structures.

Uneven surfaces are no problem for STRATA Tent Floor.

Any event with a tent starts with a great floor structure underneath.

Multi-level platforms, stairways, railings and other accessories make Wenger platforms a great choice for your staging needs.

Wenger staging configurations are only limited by your imagination.

Wenger staging is strong, stable and squeakfree, providing a confident, sure-footed surface that your customers will notice.