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Wenger is a global company and we have a dedicated team of professionals to handle export sales. Please review the geographies below and click on the appropriate Wenger International Sales Specialist.

Toby Smith

Business Development Leader

Office: : +1-507-774-8382
Cell Phone: : +1-281-620-8663
Email: [email protected]
Territory: Latin America

Stephanie Atkinson

Business Development Leader

Telephone: +1-507-774-8178
Email: [email protected]
Territory: Europe, Middle East and Africa

Bridget Glauvitz

Business Development Leader

Telephone: +1-507-774-8224
Email: [email protected]
Territory: Asia Pacific

Sherrie Ulrich

International Sales Specialists

Telephone: +1-507-774-8382
Email: [email protected]
Territory: Asia Pacific

If you are not sure which Wenger representative handles your area, contact [email protected], and we will respond within 48 hours.

Para Sur América, por favor cantáctenos a través del mail [email protected] y dentro de las próximas 48 horas le responderemos.

Clientes brasileiros, por favor, contatem-nos através do e-mail [email protected] e retornaremos em até 48 horas.

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Wenger Around the World

What International Customers Say

"After 37 years of using Wenger product in seven different schools, I can say that I am a 'satisfied customer ' in all respects."

— Tim Willson, TAISM,
The American Int'l School Muscat, Muscat, Oman

"Having used Wenger products in the UK for many years, I knew that, upon arriving in Thailand, they would be my first port of call when sourcing new, top quality equipment for our concert hall and Music department. From initial contact to safe and prompt shipment of the products, we have been totally delighted with the service received. Our second phase order from them is now underway."

— Jonathan Ling, Director of Music,
Shrewsbury Int'l School, Bangkok, Thailand

"We have had the Classic 50 stands for nearly a decade now and they are great ... they really do last"

— Denis Totton, Senior Music Co-ordinator,
Methodist College, Northern Ireland

"Wenger not only provides great products for all purposes, they also have wonderful office and sales support in addition to the very detailed web-site and catalogues. They are experts in their field and the customer service is first-rate. I know I am teaching in a quality program when I am using Wenger equipment."

— Joseph M. Granzow, High School Vocal Music Director, Visual & Performing Arts Head,
International School of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysa

"We are enjoying using the risers. They have been fabulous and certainly make a big difference to our staging concerts. Now I would like to buy 10 Classic 50 Music stands."

— Nicola Gilbert, Music Department Head,
College du Lemon Intl School, Geneva, Switzerland

"...we were so happily surprised to see a big container truck arrive with our Wenger Legacy acoustical shells! Perfect timing for our band concert on Tuesday and our Choir/Orchestra concert on Friday…the shells worked very well indeed for the orchestra/choir concert. The sound for the audience was richer, louder and prettier. The students were delighted wthat the shells helped them hear each other much better than the open stage. Thus, they were able to self-correct more easily and be more confident in the contributions t hey made to their group"."

— Sherry McClelland, Dean of Academics & Arts,
Associacao Escola Graduade de Sao Paulo, Brasil

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