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Groton Hill Music Center

Groton Hill Music Center


Groton Hill, MA


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Nestled on 110 acres of former farmland and apple orchards just 40 miles northwest of Boston, the Groton Hill Music Center stands as a magnificent testament to years of planning and collaboration. This sprawling, 126,000 square-foot complex boasts two world-class performance halls, meticulously designed with sophisticated acoustics to deliver an unparalleled performance experience. In addition, the center houses 35 classrooms, a spacious dining room, and a range of flexible learning, performing, and hospitality spaces.

“It’s beyond what we had imagined,” Lisa Fiorentino, CEO of Groton Hill Music said on opening night. “This all is just incredible. The energy and the enthusiasm of the performers. People have come up to me with tears in their eyes because we are finally here.”

“The architectural team, acoustics professionals and client were really responsive and proactive through the whole process,” said Pat Seeley, a project Manager at Wenger Corporation. “They were willing to compromise where it made sense, to find solutions that worked for multiple contractors and every entity involved.”

The completion of the Groton Hill Music Center is an achievement that stands as a testament to unwavering dedication, meticulous craftsmanship, and dedicated partnership. With its world-class performance halls, versatile learning spaces, and impeccable attention to detail, the center promises to be a hub of artistic excellence and a cherished destination for music enthusiasts and performers alike.



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