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University of North Texas

University of North Texas


Practice Rooms in Dorms


Denton, TX




The University of North Texas (UNT) College of Music has the
largest enrollment for public university music programs in the U.S. and is one of the world’s most respected comprehensive music schools.

One of the secrets to student success is supplying them with
the equipment necessary to succeed. First-rate practice rooms with advanced acoustic technology fall into that category.
To make sure students could get the most out of their practice time, the school partnered with Wenger to install brand new Wenger SoundLok® Sound-Isolation Rooms with the latest Virtual Acoustic Environment (VAE®) technology in Bruce Hall, home to hundreds of student musicians.

“The students love the VAE technology,” Gustafson says. “They particularly enjoy being able to record themselves and track progress over the course of the semester or year. Music professors were also eager to listen to their students’ recordings and offer feedback.”

Gustafson says students have also found the spaces useful
for recording podcasts, music for personal projects, or sound
clips for film. The rooms are used an average of 500 hours each week. 



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