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Printable Composer Quote Posters

A new school year means new classroom decor! We’re going to help you out with a free download – 10 inspirational quotes from composers, to print for your music room. This download contains all 10 printable color posters formatted to 8.5×11. • Use them to add a little color to your classroom walls.• Print as […]

Grants 101: Funding Opportunities for School Music Programs

Grant Writing 101 for music teachers

Hello music teachers! We know how important it is for you to inspire young musicians, but sometimes, funding for classroom purchases and programs can often be challenging. That’s where grant writing comes in! It’s a way for you to ask for money from organizations that want to support education, and specifically music education. Grant writing […]

Kickstart Your Season for Success

Kickstart your marching band season for success with these tips from Daniel Berard.

“In the hectic life of the busy Band Director, the summer months provide the much-needed time to catch our breath and refill the cup for the upcoming year. Veteran Music Teacher and YAMAHA Master Educator, Daniel Berard, shares his best strategies for taking some time now to orchestrate the success of your upcoming marching season.”


As a percussion specialist with many bands that have performed at state festivals, conferences, and national competitions, Shilo Stroman offers his top five tips for making sure the experience is successful for your percussionists.

So You Want to Commission a Composer?

The classical music world is overwhelmingly—and some might say unhealthily—dominated by music by dead composers. In this article, composer Ryan Hare shares why directors might want to commission a new piece, and how best to go about it.

Theatre 101 for Music Teachers

Theatre 101 information for Music Teachers directing theatre

If you are a Music Teacher who suddenly finds themselves in the role of Theatre Director, don’t miss these helpful resources from Matt Kizer on how you can ensure your production’s success.