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Versatile, multi-position platforms for theater use

Versatile, multi-position platforms for elementary classroom or theater use

Seated, standing, platform — flipFORMS flip into whatever shape you need, and they go wherever you need them. The pocket-molded hand grips, easy-moving recessed wheels, and lightweight design make it easy to flip them up or roll them away. These fun, innovative products turn any space into an exciting setting in no time.


Flexible multi-position and multi-use performance platform in one unit.

flipFORMS Colors

flipFORMs Colors

flipFORMS Diagram

flipFORMs Diagram


  • Built with molded, high-density polyethylene making them nearly indestructible
  • Grey base is available with your choice of Blue, Red, Yellow, Green or Grey top
  • Black base is available with Black top only
  • Assembly required

Ordering Information

flipFORMS Single Units
025D028    Black Top/Black Base, 100 lb (45.3 kg)
025D027    Grey Top/Grey Base, 100 lb (45.3 kg)
025D002    Blue Top/Grey Base, 100 lb (45.3 kg)
025D003    Green Top/Grey Base, 100 lb (45.3 kg)
025D004    Yellow Top/Grey Base, 100 lb (45.3 kg)
025D005    Red Top/Grey Base, 100 lb (45.3 kg)
1801002    Set of four - one each of Blue, Green, Yellow and Red