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Diva® Acoustical Shell

Portable, full-stage acoustical shells for schools and performing arts centers

Portable, full-stage acoustical shells for schools and performing arts centers

An investment in Diva® acoustics will reward you the first time you hear the remarkable difference. Diva is a beautiful centerpiece for your stage that is engineered to last for years and years.

Diva is also incredibly easy to use, so you can use it more often. No other acoustical shell gives you so much long-term value.

Diva full-stage acoustical shells are now available with the Wenger Lieto™ LED light fixture. Lieto is the first LED fixture specifically designed for full-stage acoustical shells. Learn more about Lieto.

The Wenger Advantage

  • Lightweight extruded aluminum tower and ceiling frames
  • Air mover
  • Self lubricating hinges
  • Ceiling performance angle adjustment
  • High grade wood veneers
  • Our extensive product knowledge and experience


Beautiful, full-stage acoustics for optimum on-stage sound and excellent sound projection to the audience.

Diva Installations Around the World

Diva Full-Stage Acoustical installations around the world


Diva<sup>®</sup> Full-Stage Acoustical Shells Details


  • Lightweight construction with the industry's first all-aluminum frame
  • Finishes available include:
    • Wilsonart® High Pressure Laminate
    • Hardwood Veneer stained and finished to match space requirements
    • Painted panels with Sherwin-Williams® Kem® Aqua painted finish
  • Safe, easy setup with the exclusive air transporter (manual mover also available)
  • Built-in leveling pads
  • Shell ceiling panels raise and lower with stage rigging and can be flown in the fly loft when not in use
  • Panels rotate easily into position
  • Panel angles adjust quickly
  • Modular design accommodates everything from full orchestras to string quartets
  • Handcrafted composite panel construction
  • Lower wing sections open creating access doors
  • Counter-weighted base for superior stability
  • Designed to accommodate your specific space
  • Stores compactly


When replacing our original Wenger shell, we considered its longevity and the company's excellent reputation. Technology improvements mean our new Diva shell is easier to set up, take down and put away. The installation process went very smoothly - the Wenger crew was great.

The Diva is a wonderful system that works really, really well. We've gotten a very favorable response from our users. It's also beautiful to look at.

Ordering Information

Many sizes and options available.
Please call your Wenger representative for consultation.