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Transform® Motorized Acoustical Banner

Transform the acoustics of your space in seconds with variable acoustic technology in our acoustical banners

Transform Motorized Acoustical Banner

Transform the acoustics of your space in seconds with variable acoustic technology in our new acoustical banners

Wenger’s line of Motorized Acoustical Banners offers the benefits of variable acoustics for performance spaces, including theaters, performance halls, worship spaces, athletic venues and auditoriums.

Adding Transform Motorized Acoustical Banners to your performance space allows you to improve the audience experience during every performance. You’ll never be more than a few seconds away from transforming your acoustics to best suit your next performance. Transform controls the levels of sound absorption and reflection in your performance space. Each banner includes adjustable spacing options, both for distance away from the wall and between the two fabric layers. Banners deploy quietly and quickly. Wenger’s banner system integrates with SceneControl® by J.R. Clancy and other intelligent control systems.

The Wenger Advantage

  • Acoustical Performance – Tested and proven to significantly reduce reverberation time across a broad range of high and low frequencies.
  • Spacing – By setting the spacing between fabric layers and/or the distance from the wall, we can carefully control the amount of absorption required for optimal acoustics.
  • Size – 3' - 10' (914 - 3048 mm) wide continuous banner.
  • Speed – Banners deploy at speeds up to 45’ (13.7 m) per minute.
  • Easy installation – Simple wall mounting brackets make for fast, trouble-free installation.
  • Appearance – Transform has finished laminated wood end enclosures.
  • Affordability – Transform brings you professional variable acoustics at an affordable price point.

Software Downloads

Transform Switch 1.5 Transform Motor 4.7


For performance spaces that have a need to lower the amount of reverberation to make the space more suitable for musical performance and the spoken word.


  • Available fabric options:
    • Encore Velour, double layer 22 oz (0.6 kg)
    • Wool Serge, double layer 30 oz (0.85 kg)
  • See table for banner fabric options
  • Tubular motor driven system for use in an operator controlled or pre-set environment
  • Each banner option includes adjustable spacing away from the wall and between the layers of fabric
  • Each banner includes a standard “quick change” provision to allow fabric to be removed for maintenance or change in look (digitally printed, etc)
  • Banner retracts into frame to hide from view when not in use
  • For exposed installations, banner will include laminated wood closures and optional end caps in a variety of finishes
  • Wall and ceiling mount kits are available for fast and easy installation
  • Banner system will integrate with J.R. Clancy’s SceneControl® system and other intelligent control systems
  • Requires a standard 120-volt/60 Hz circuit. Worldwide voltages available
  • Each banner is shipped assembled and tested for proper operation before shipment
  • Patents pending
  • Three-year warranty

Ordering Information

Transform Motorized Acoustical Banner come in a variety of configurations and sizes. Please call your Wenger representative so that we can first thoroughly understand your needs in order to provide the best solution and an estimate.