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All states were awarded ARP ESSER III funds and your district can request those funds for needs in your school.

$122.7 BILLION

School districts are being allocated historic amounts of federal funding through September 30, 2024. But a key deadline is coming up, and Wenger can help.

We know your primary focus is to provide the best educational experience possible for your students. Understanding how these funds can be used will help you:

  • Invest in furniture and equipment to keep teachers, students, and staff safe
  • Purchase furniture and equipment to implement before and after-school enrichment programs
  • Invest in educational technology
  • Invest in programs that improve students’ social and emotional well being.


There is still time to apply for these funds as they have NOT run out.

Take the time to apply and make sure you get the products you need. This is a one-in-a-generation opportunity.

Step #1

Ensure you understand how ESSER funds are distributed to schools.

You can learn more about ESSER in your State/District here:

Step #2

Find out who is responsible for your district’s ESSER funds.

Your school district is determining how to best spend these dollars to improve access and equity to quality education opportunities for your students.

Your ESSER contact could be a department chair, your principal, your school district’s federal programs manager or a Grants Administration office.

If you work in a school district that has Title I schools, your district will receive an allocation of ESSER funds. To see an estimate of what your school district will receive, visit this webpage. Your district’s federal programs administrator, or Title I Director, will most likely be the person submitting the application for these funds to your state department of education. They will need to prioritize the needs that will be funded by these dollars.

Step #3

Evaluate your program needs and start researching what types of products could fulfill those demands.

Other schools have used their ESSER funds for:

Step #4

Prepare a specific and detailed ask based on your research and assessment. Plan to present and justify your ask to your administration.

Ask for a meeting with your district’s Federal Programs Manager, or the person in charge of building your school district’s ESSER funding request. During this meeting, discuss the needs of your music education and theatre program for the school year and your ideas for summer learning. You may also want to invite your principal or other administrators engaged in your music or theatre program to this meeting.

Be prepared to provide evidence to support your needs, including research to back up any mitigation strategies and costs you are suggesting. A good resource is the International Performing Arts Coalition Aerosol Research Study.

Step #5

If you hear “no” the first time, ask again. Additional funds will be available through September 2024.

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