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flipFORMS® The most versatile education tool in your classroom.

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When you have flipFORMS in your classroom, the possibilities are endless.

What are flipFORMS?

flipFORMS are lightweight, versatile, multiposition platforms for elementary classroom or theater use.

How do they work?

Seated, standing, platform — flipFORMS flip into whatever shape you need, and they go wherever you need them.

Are they easy to use?

They’re so easy, your students can do it. The pocket-molded hand grips, easy-moving recessed wheels, and lightweight design make it easy to flip them into position or roll them away.

Do teachers love them?

flipFORMS create a flexible, fun, interactive environment that adapts to the way you teach and perform. They also help you plan lessons that incorporate movement. They can be used individually or pushed together so you’ll find an unlimited amount of uses for them.

Where do teachers use flipFORMS?

Teachers not only use flipFORMS in their classrooms, but for activities around the school. Just roll your flipFORMS to the auditorium, the theatre, the cafetorium, the school entryway, other classrooms, etc.

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flipFORMS® in action

Multi-position. Multi-use.



The ideal shape for small group choreography, color teams, tables and more. A set of four can be pushed together to make an 8'x10' (2438 x 3048 mm) performance stage.

Tiered Seating

Tiered Seating

Flip the larger section onto the core to create two tiers of seating. Stable, comfortable, quiet seating that eliminates a room full of chairs without doing away with a place for students to sit.

Standing Risers

Standing Risers

Another simple flip creates great standing risers for the classroom or performances. Risers elevate students so they can be seen and heard by teachers and parents.

Out of the Way

Out of the Way

flipFORMS tip up on to stable wheels and can be easily rolled out of the way and into compact storage. You’ll be amazed by how quickly you can open up your room and move between lesson activities. Fits through a standard doorway.