Wenger Corporation

Wenger – the first choice of teachers AND administrators

Teachers prefer the high quality and durability of Wenger products. And administrators love them because they’re an investment that your school won’t have to replace in a few short years. That’s why we’re the number one choice for music education classrooms. Stop by our booth at CASBO and see our products and talk to our team yourself.

At Our Booth:

active acoustics

Better acoustics help build better musicians

During CASBO, talk to our team about the importance of proper acoustics and why it’s not only key to amazing performances, but essential for daily practice. That’s why Wenger has the broadest array of passive and active acoustic solutions in the world. For example, our exclusive VAE® Technology lets you control your room’s sound at the push of a button. And don’t forget about our Sound-Isolating Practice Rooms!

instrument storage

The smartest storage for 75 years

75 years have taught us something about how to protect instruments and how to build storage that lasts. Every program is different and that’s why we have so many options – from smooth rolling carts and racks to entire rooms of storage cabinets to store and protect instruments of all shapes and sizes.

acoustical shells

Your audience shouldn’t strain to hear

Projecting sound from your performers to your audience can be difficult even in the best tuned space. That’s because sound energy easily gets lost behind and above performers – especially in gymnasiums, cafetoriums, atriums and even outdoors. Don’t strain to be heard. Wenger’s portable acoustical shells can go wherever you perform and make every note loud and clear.

choral risers

The most trusted choral risers in music!

Our incredibly popular Signature® and Tourmaster™ Risers are solid, dependable and quiet. No other risers fold, roll, set up, or travel so smoothly. In fact, it’s easy to take them around corners, across the parking lot, onto a bus or a van.

portable staging

An easy to set up portable staging system

StageTek® is the new standard in portable staging. It’s lighter, faster, easier and stronger than other staging options. Just plug in the legs, tighten them and position the decks. In no time you’ll have the platforms you need in your classroom, gym, theater, cafeteria, outdoors, etc. Plenty of accessories available to customize your setup.

music chairs and stands

Music chairs and stands that last

The most used (and abused) equipment in your music classrooms are your chairs and stands. So it goes without saying that you should invest in products that won’t dent, crack, bend or wobble after one season of use. That’s where Wenger comes in. Our chairs and stands are preferred by music educators – they’ve been singing our praises for over 75 years.