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Cleveland Institute of Music

Cleveland Institute of Music



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Cleveland, OH


NewBrook Partners




“In planning for our new residence hall, we wanted our students to have high-quality, sound-isolated practice rooms, both individual and chamber sizes,” says Eric Bower, Senior Vice President with the Cleveland Institute of Music (CIM), in Cleveland, Ohio.

Given CIM’s role as a leading American conservatory, practice space was prioritized over the lounges or exercise rooms typically found in student housing.

Early in the planning process, both Wenger’s modular rooms and stick-built rooms were evaluated. Developer NewBrook Partners also hired an acoustician to review options.

“We considered stick-built practice rooms but couldn’t figure out how to achieve the quality of Wenger rooms by building them,” comments Guy Totino, Principal with NewBrook. “Wenger technology for sound isolation and active acoustics is state-of-the-art and unequivocally the best for sound.”

An important project goal was providing practice room
access for non-residential students. Launched in 2019,
CIM’s reservation system enables students to schedule
practice room time in advance. The new Wenger practice
rooms each feature 24-hour keycard access; rooms are
connected to CIM’s scheduling software and online room

“We’re extremely happy with these Wenger practice
rooms – they are so very important to our students,”
concludes Bower. “They were the right solution for our
student housing facility.”



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