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The 83,000 square foot Scheidt Center for the Performing Arts houses a 900 seat concert hall, a large rehearsal room wired for distance learning and streaming broadcasting, and one of the largest recording studio rooms in Memphis, complete with state-of-the-art audio equipment and a class-sized control booth.

The technical flexibility of the building and stage are designed to meet the needs of the opera, symphony, musical theater and even rock concerts. The Center is comprised of two buildings joined together to ensure that no sound from practice rooms, studios, music labs or classrooms enters the stage and vice-versa. 

The custom Diva® Acoustical Shell is the centerpiece of the stage during acoustic ensemble performances, and other variable acoustics in the space allow the hall to be
“tuned” for each performance type.

In the large rehearsal hall, Wenger Nota Chairs with added folding tables arms provide comfortable posture-focused seating for both classroom and ensemble use. The custom StageTek® Seated Risers provide varied levels for both choral or instrumental rehearsals. StageTek® also features prominently in the small event room, complete with an ADA compliant accessibility ramp for ease of use.



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