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Hamlin Middle School

Hamlin Middle School


New Construction

Middle School Music Suite

Winter Garden, FL

Hunton Brady Architects




Named after the Hamlin variety of oranges that grow in the area, Hamlin Middle School was opened in the fall of 2022 to help alleviate overcrowding in the Orange County District. 

The Music Suite at Hamlin includes a band room, choir room, and orchestra room. Each classroom is outfitted with two SoundLok® Sound-Isolation Rooms, which allows students to work on practicing individual or small-group music while still under the supervision of the teacher. 

“I love that I’m still comfortable that they’re rehearsing alone, but I can still see them and I can still hear them if I need to. I’ve seen some of them start to develop their leadership abilities by keeping their peers on task and focused when they’re not teacher led.” says Ashley Blair, choir teacher. 

The classrooms are also equipped with Wenger Nota® Chairs and Classic 50 Music Stands, as well as the carts to keep them organized and easy to transport. 

“We love these chairs because they do make the kids sit up taller, and with good posture. We use the chairs and stands every day, and I love having the podium as well, to be able to see all the way to the back row of kids.” says Charlene Cannon, band director. 



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