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Tuba and Sousaphone Mobile Storage Rack

Mobile storage for tubas and sousaphones

Mobile storage for tubas and sousaphones

The perfect way to move and store any combination of tubas and sousaphones safely and securely. It lets you hold a full range of instrument sizes and easily adjusts. Heavy-duty casters with locking mechanisms keep the rack stable for fixed storage.


Easy, sturdy, safe way to move and store tubas and sousaphones.

Available in a Variety of Colors

Available in Many Colors


  • Available in 3-unit or 4-unit sizes
  • Units are adjustable vertically to configure for multiple sizes of tubas, sousaphones or a combination of both
  • Padded steel cradles are adjustable left or right to securely hold instruments in place
  • Wood parts are constructed of 3/4" (19 mm) industrial grade composite wood with no formaldehyde added
  • Top cross member is constructed of 14-gauge tubular steel
  • Finish is polyester laminate in Wenger standard colors
  • Racks have four swivel casters for easy transport
  • Locking mechanisms on two wheels
  • Bottom supports are covered with flexible PVC to protect instruments
  • Five-year warranty
  • Assembly required


Our three Sousaphone racks work great! They’re spaced appropriately for four Sousaphones and they can also hold tubas. The racks help organize everything and are easy to move.

Ordering Information

148J007    3-Unit Mobile Storage Rack, 121 lb (51 kg)
148J008    4-Unit Mobile Storage Rack, 143 lb (65 kg)