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Resources for Teaching Opera

Opera, as an art form, seamlessly intertwines music, drama, and visual arts, offering students an opportunity to engage in many different ways. By studying opera, students can delve deep into the complexities of vocal techniques and musical compositions, while also learning about the historical and cultural contexts in which these pieces were created.

We’ve put together a download of flexible lesson resources for introducing 5 operas in your secondary music classroom. Whether you’re a general music teacher or an ensemble director, these printable resources will help you craft an introduction to opera that will fit your curriculum goals.

Included in the downloadable packet are:
– plot summaries
– printable posters
– act & scene outlines
– musical highlights with Spotify playlist links
– a glossary of opera terms
– an activity idea guide
– printable listening journal pages
– a 2 page collection of the best online opera resources available for free

***NOTE: Opera storylines (including the ones in this download) contain themes such as relationships, struggle, imprisonment, death, and betrayal. Always read through materials completely before presenting them to your students. Use your school and district guidelines to assess whether the materials are appropriate for your students.

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