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Thank You, Music Educators! Winners Announced! #keepmusicalive

In spite of the challenges of 2020, many music educators rose to the challenge and made this past year an inspirational one for their students. We’re in awe of the amazing efforts these great teachers have made and how they worked to “keepmusicalive in their schools. We asked for your help to recognize them and we were overwhelmed by the number of nominations we received! And yet we know that this is just a fraction of the dedicated (and exhausted) educators out there who deserve our thanks. We loved reading through all the heartfelt nominations that were sent and our team had a difficult time choosing our winner (and honorable mentions). Thanks to everyone who took the time to nominate a teacher and thanks again to educators everywhere!

WINNER: Raquel Ramos

Carson Junior High School • Mesa, Arizona

Music for All | Wenger | We are Teachers | Winner

Honorable Mentions


Ryan Cohen
Lewis Elementary

"My kindergarteners have absolutely loved Mr. C and all he brings to their music classes."

Nominated by: Katie Gruber

Rich Gordon Sycamore Junior High School

Rich Gordon
Sycamore Junior High School

"During this pandemic, Rich Gordon made a lot of lemonade and shared it with the music community."

Nominated by: Karen Greenwood

Nastassia Dotts

Nastassia Dotts
Le Roy Central School

"Tasha has developed so many great and creative ideas to teach her students this year."

Nominated by: Jessa Dechant

>Matthew Blaylock

Matthew Blaylock
Edgewood Middle School

"Mr. Blaylock is a wonderful Music Educator that possesses the creativity, enthusiasm, patience, and musical knowledge that we so desperately need during these uncertain times to make sure that our children not only get a quality virtual education, but also a fun and engaging one."

Nominated by: Destiny Walters

HARRIET JARMON Skyview Middle School

Harriet Jarmon
Skyview Middle School

"She has tirelessly given her entire professional time to this, not because of paycheck only, but because she has thoroughly enjoyed her career as a music educator."

Nominated by: Sierra Jarmon

Gregg Abe

Gregg Abe
President Theodore Roosevelt High School

"Mr. Abe is a respectable and hardworking teacher who sees potential in every student no matter their skill level as a musician."

Nominated by: Alyssa Suzuki