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New!VAE® Rehearsal

New Technology allows you to Practice Where You Perform without leaving the classroom!

Wenger introduced VAE® (Virtual Acoustic Environment) technology for sound isolation practice rooms over 20 years ago. Today that technology is available for use by an entire rehearsal room of musicians, greatly expanding its capability and impact. The VAE® Rehearsal system uses highly-advanced active acoustics to simulate nine different acoustical environments all within the same rehearsal room. The entire system of processors, microphones and speakers is controlled with a simple keypad (shown above). Wenger can even program one of the VAE® Rehearsal's nine environments to match the acoustics of your auditorium or any other venue.


Mark Gitch


"From the beginning, part of my interest in the VAE® Rehearsal system was the ability to have a "Wayzata Auditorium" setting. The Wenger acousticians and engineers measured the acoustic environment in our auditorium and emulated that in our rehearsal room, making a smooth transition for our young musicians. Now when we're rehearsing in our orchestra room, we can feel like we're rehearsing on our stage. Or we can choose an acoustically drier environment if we like. The VAE® Rehearsal gives us many options."

– Mark Gitch, Orchestra Director,
Wayzata High School, Plymouth, Minnesota


The Wenger Advantage


Practice Where You Perform – Musicians refine their skills more efficiently in the rehearsal room when they can realistically hear what they will sound like in the actual performance space.

Nine Performance Environments – The musician can practice in a broad range of performance environments, ranging from a small recital hall to a cathedral.

Program up to nine custom settings – Wenger can add your own custom acoustical setting to simulate your auditorium or a performance venue

Record/Playback Capability – Record your practice session and get immediate feedback during your session. Or record your session and take it to your next lesson for review.

Upload Capability – Upload accompaniments to practice with the rest of the group while in your practice session.


What is VAE® Technology?

In the pursuit of music perfection, much attention is paid to posture, breathing, and proper fingering. Lost in the discussion is the role of what a performer hears. What we hear when practicing helps each musician refine their skill so that when the audience is seated and the conductor raises the baton, the notes played are flawless.

However, what a musician hears in a rehearsal room can be quite different than what they will hear in a larger recital hall or auditorium. The articulation and dynamics must change to suit the space.

Training the musician's ear to understand the sound behavior of larger performance spaces is where the magic of VAE® technology comes in. VAE® (Virtual Acoustical Environment) lets musicians transform the acoustics of their rehearsal space with a push of a button. We call it variable acoustics.

VAE® brings you nine pre-programmed acoustical simulations – each one so perfect, you simply won't believe your ears. Push a button and you're transported to center stage. Push another, and you're sitting in a gothic cathedral. This amazing technology is available for practice rooms, studios, offices and rehearsal rooms.

here are just three


9 distinct practice and performance environments:

  • Baroque Room
  • Medium Recital
  • Large Recital
  • Small Auditorium
  • Medium Auditorium
  • Large Auditorium
  • Cathedral
  • Arena
  • Your Custom Venue Setting




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